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The sustainable recycling of end-of-life cars is very important in the Netherlands. In 2020 ARN and its chain partners again worked hard to dismantle and recycle the nation’s old vehicles. Together, we achieved a recycling percentage of 98.3%. You can read the background to this impressive achievement here.


The composition of cars is changing and that poses a number of questions. For example, how can we ensure that we will still be able to gainfully reuse materials from end-of-life cars in future?

Car Batteries

The popularity of electric cars is soaring. And this is something we’ll all have to deal with, because in 2030 it will no longer be possible to buy a fossil-fuel driven car. And the recycling industry is keeping up.

ARN in figures

Last year was a special year: in 2020 we celebrated our 25th anniversary. But, like so many other companies, we had to pull out all the stops to keep supporting all our chain partners.

ARN in 2020 Taking the lead in a changing world

For ARN, 2020 was indeed an exceptional year; a year in which we should have been celebrating our 25th anniversary. But, unfortunately, it was overshadowed by the corona crisis. Nevertheless, thanks to the collaboration of everyone in the chain, during the pandemic we still managed to maintain the required level of performance in the area of car recycling. A great achievement!

Ingrid Niessing, Managing Director ARN

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